Why blog about trading?

I’ve wanted to be a successful trader for many years, too many years to mention.  Yet I haven’t placed a trade in over ten years.  Why?  Life circumstances, financial constraints, a backlog of fix-up projects around the house, personal reasons like fear and emotional disorganization.

I’ve been planning to begin trading again for several years and completed several major house projects.  I also no longer work on the graveyard shift which always left me tired.  I plan on placing my first trade in the near future.

Still, why blog about it, when the odds are most likely against me?  I’ve heard that most traders aren’t successful.   Maybe 90% to 95% of those who give it a try don’t succeed.

A trading coach recommends not telling anyone about your trading so that you have nothing to prove when you get out of a loosing position.  Talking about positions one takes can establish a bias that is hard to change.

I risk that.  At this time no one knows I’m writing this blog. Maybe for that reason, I can have a goal that is audacious.  I plan to document my success trading the markets, success that hasn’t happened yet.  This blog will document the evolution of my successes and failures as honestly as I can.